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  • Scientific research has demonstrated that the most beneficial meditation technique is Transcendental Meditation® or TM® (trademark disclaimer). TM® is a form of mantra meditation.
    TM® has been the subject of and are supported by scientific studies. TM® is a way to learn deep, life-transforming types of meditation.

  • Transcendental Meditation® has been taught by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi since 1958. The first articles about the beneficial effects of this technique were published around 1970 in important magazines and scientific journals such as Science (167, 1970), American Journal of Physiology (221, 1971) and Scientific American (226, 1972).

  • Later, a lot of research was made on Transcendental Meditation® by several doctors and scientists, who wrote several articles in important scientific journals such as International Journal of Neuroscience, Psychosomatic Medicine, Electroencephalography and Clinical Neurophysiology, Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, Journal of Clinical Psychology, and others.

  • Around 1995, Dr. Deepak Chopra created the Primordial Sound meditation®. Primordial Sound® is another way to learn deep, life-transforming types of meditation.

    Natural Stress Relief© offers the world a lower-cost alternative to TM© and Primordial Sound©. NSR is a single-mantra-for-all meditation.technique.

  • Scientific research shows the effectiveness of Natural Stress Relief©, including peer-reviewed articles in the Scopus-ranked journals Psychological Reports and Social Behavior and Personality (read more). The technique is provided at a very low price ($25 for the downloadable version, $48 for the hardcopy version, sold by Natural Stress Relief, Inc. in the USA) and we invite you to verify online the different prices of Primordial Sound® and TM®.

  • Trademark disclaimer.

  • Results achieved by Transcendental Meditation may be obtained by other mantra meditations
    Striking reduction of anxiety is shown by a sharp increase in
    skin electrical resistance (NSR)

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