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  • Scientific research has shown that the most beneficial meditation technique is Maharishi's Transcendental meditation. The striking reduction of stress and anxiety caused by Transcendental meditation is 3 to 4 times greater than the effect caused by other meditation and relaxation techniques.

  • The Transcendental meditation has been taught by Maharishi since 1958. The first articles about the beneficial effects of this technique were published around 1970 on important magazines and scientific journals such as Science (167, 1970), American Journal of Physiology (221, 1971) and Scientific American (226, 1972). The basic research was conducted by two medical doctors from Harvard University, Herbert Benson and Robert Wallace. This research was made on dozens of American people who used to practice this technique regularly. These people were of any race, sex, age, job, and with different personal political or religious belief.
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    Striking reduction of anxiety is shown by a sharp increase in skin electrical resistance

  • Later, a lot of research was made about this technique by several doctors and scientists, who wrote several articles on important scientific journals such as International Journal of Neuroscience, Psychosomatic Medicine, Electroencephalography and Clinical Neurophysiology, Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, Journal of Clinical Psychology, and many more.

  • Around 1995, Dr. Deepak Chopra created the primordial sound technique, that is very similar to Transcendental meditation and can be considered as much as effective. Unfortunately TM and Chopra's technique are very expensive: the price of TM is prohibitive ($2500.00). Chopra's technique is expensive also (starting at $325).

  • The Natural Stress Relief technique, that can be learned for $25.00, is very similar to the original TM taught by Maharishi in 1958, with a single basic syllable or "mantra" suitable for anybody (around 1969 Maharishi started to prescribe different "mantras", but this did not change the effects of TM at all). The Natural Stress Relief technique preserves the full effectiveness of Maharishi's TM and is 3 to 4 times more effective than Bensonís relaxation response and other techniques, including autogenic training, self-hypnosis, audio brainwave techniques, meditation techniques.

  • The Natural Stress Relief technique was created by R.Harrison (Ph.D. in physics), an expert practitioners of the original technique (since 1983) and a former TM teacher. He was charmed by the changes in EEG patterns during the practice of TM and he studied them in physical terms with another physicist, Fabrizio Coppola.

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