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  • The Scientia Institute (Istituto Scientia, Italy) is an association of scientists, philosophers, generic intellectuals and common people, interested in the connection between human mind and the universe as known by modern science.
  • Study and research by the Scientia Institute include testing and experimentation on mental techniques of relaxation, meditation and similar ones. On the other side, Scientia's research involves modern physics and astrophysics (astrophysical.org, astrometry.org). This may be considered misleading by someone, but Scientia associates firmly believe that the universe is one and interconnected: hence mental and spiritual matters can be studied in terms of objective science and the material universe can be in tune with the mind of conscious individuals. There are not two realities out there (an objective universe and a subjective universe): reality is one.
  • The Scientia attitude to knowledge in this field is not only scientific, but also philosophical and humanistic, just as the Latin word "Scientia" suggests. This approach has proved to be successful.
  • The origin of this organization can be traced in 1996, when the Italian association called Istituto Scientia (that in English would sound as Scientia Institute) was created, dealing with research and study about the universe, its origin, its meaning, and connections (if any) between the fundamental laws of physics and life, mind and consciousness. This organization was registered in Italy in June 2002. There are also associates from other countries. In 2004 a branch of the Scientia Institute developed into the Scientia Astrophysical Organization.
  • Our server is located in California, USA. The association is based in Italy and is regulated by Italian law (that is quite liberal about associations).

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