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Transcendental Meditation; TM; Primordial Sound Meditation:
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Transcendental Meditation is different from most systems of meditation and relaxation.

Over 5 million people around the world have learned the technique since it was founded by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in 1957-58.

TM Meditation is very simple to learn and practise, yet it brings great practical benefit to all areas of life.

People learn TM Meditation for many reasons:

Reducing stress and bringing balance to life
Improving health - especially with stress-related problems
Personal effectiveness - clarity of thought, creativity, getting more done
Improving relationships
Self Knowledge - fulfilling life's deepest need

The first scientific research on TM Meditation was published in 1970. By now there are many hundreds of published studies, which document the benefits for mind, body, relationships, and the environment. Details of some of these studies are referred to in these web pages.
TM Meditation is easy to learn. It is neither mind-control nor mental discipline; it is not concentration, eastern philosophy, or a way of life. You don't have to control your breathing or muscles. You don't even have to try to relax. It's a simple technique.

It is taught in the same systematic way all around the world.


  • Around 1995, Dr. Deepak Chopra created the primordial sound technique, that is very similar to TM meditation and can be considered as much as effective. Unfortunately TM and Chopra's technique are very expensive: the price of TM is prohibitive ($2500.00). Chopra's technique is expensive also (starting at $325).

  • The Natural Stress Relief technique, that can be learned for $25.00 only, is similar to the original TM taught by Maharishi in 1958, with a single basic syllable or "mantra" suitable for anybody. The Natural Stress Relief technique preserves the effectiveness of Maharishi's TM and is 3 to 4 times more effective than Bensonís relaxation response and other techniques, including autogenic training, self-hypnosis, audio brainwave techniques, meditation techniques.

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